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Our History

Herod Financial Services started in 1979 when Kevan joined North American Life as a Field Management Assistant.  In 1984, he spread his wings and became an independent advisor offering investment and insurance services.  His goal was to build the premier financial planning firm by putting client's interests first with a focus on planning rather than product.  

After two decades of building a successful single advisor company, Herod Financial Services branched out and Christopher Koschman joined the team.  Along with Mary Reader, Herod Financial Services is a well-respected advisory team specializing in financial planning.  As well, Kevan has added a group of service oriented people to the team to ensure that the plans created by the advisory team are executed and serviced skillfully by the service team. 

The past two decades have also seen an incredible expansion of technology in the financial services business.  Herod Financial Services has worked diligently to stay ahead of the curve and is proud to utilize many elements of technology in helping clients achieve their goals. 

While many things have changed since Kevan first started helping people with their financial decisions, what hasn’t changed is the dedication to listening to clients, using a process to develop plans and executing those plans in a timely fashion.   

 When making decisions about a client’s money or financial plans, our team still asks, “Is this in the client’s best interest?” and when the answer is “No” it is back to the drawing board until the answer is yes, this decision is “in the client’s best interest”. 


Our philosophy is that of a team approach to the financial and estate planning requirements of our clients.  Herod Financial Services works with the clients and their accountants, lawyers and other financial and estate professionals to developing a families estate and financial plan or a business's success and financial plan.   


Our mission is to be a key part of your life planning team by helping you make smart goal-based financial decisions.  This is achieved through our multi-step process, uncompromising integrity, trust and personalized service.  Our success is not measured by performance statistics but rather by your success in achieving your goals.


  • We believe financial planning is about helping people change their behavior and feelings around money and its use in their life goals. 
  • We believe that to be useful to our clients, we need to have excellent technical knowledge.  We need be able to understand our clients and translate their needs to financial plans.  We believe we apply the best skills, tools, and techniques to help our clients achieve their goals in the first place. 
  • We believe in ongoing and continuing education.  We are lifelong learners. 
  • We believe that there should be a high standard of competency for all financial advisors and planners. 
  • We believe that financial services should be professionally regulated like doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc. 
  • We believe in being client focused - planning over products. 
  • We believe in strong, viable and profitable client-focused financial services businesses because they mean sustainability for clients, success of the planner and a healthier financial services profession at large.